Complete Insulated foundation solutions

GreenRaft 3D insulated raft slab foundation cutaway

We provide a collaborative approach to create the most complete range of insulated raft foundation solutions, using the best materials.

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GreenRaft 3D insulated raft slab foundation cutaway

The GreenRaft Advantages

  • Highest Thermal Performance
  • Collaborative Design Solution development
  • Best Quality Materials
  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Fastest & Most accurate construction
  • All materials held in stock
  • Waterproof insulation
  • Multiple solutions for all applications
  • Greenest concrete offering
  • Simple construction techniques


Your foundation design will depend upon soil type, ground level, floor level, type of structure, thermal design, and the choice of external cladding.

We work with the architect and structural engineer to get the right design for your individual project with our infinitely adaptable system.

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Plain Raft

This is the basic insulated raft or slab foundation. A base layer of high density XPS insulation supports the load bearing concrete slab and a rigid XPS edge insulation creates the thermal envelope.

Raft With Upstand

Adding an upstand to the insulated slab allows for timber frame or SIPS panels to be raised to a minimum of 150mm above ground level.

Raft with Upstand and Brick Support

An insulated slab or raft foundation that has to support a brick or stone veneer needs a special solution with a ring beam upstand and a step in the outer layer. A separate ring beam is frowned upon by major warranty providers

Any other insulated foundation

The GreenRaft system is fully adaptable and can be used in all foundation applications. We work collaboratively with construction professionals to provide high performance solutions for a wide range of projects from basements to refrigerated warehouses.

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All our insulations carry full product certifications and are accepted by the major warranty and mortgage providers.